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New album Beams

out now


Anna Coddington and Loop are excited to announce that her new album Beams is out! Produced by Anna's good friends LIPS, the album features the singles The Saint (with stains), Beams feat. Louis Baker and Do I Exist? The ten songs traverse different aspects of existence as a mother, Māori and musician. One of Aotearoa's foremost singer songwriters and musicians, since her last album Anna has flexed as a performer with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, the Blackbird Ensemble and more. She brings learnings from these and other mahi to this album.

Do I Exist?

Directed by Anna Duckworth and shot on mobile phones by cinematographer Nina Wells, this video speaks to the the identity crisis narrative of the song.

We are all many things to many people and we all struggle to find the balance sometimes ⚖️

We all have intimate, interesting and intense relationships with our phones📱 The way we connect (or disconnect) with and perceive others, the way we project ourselves, the view we have of the world through our tailor made info streams. New mothers especially find the balance of identity tricky, and our phones are something we get raked over the coals for using, yet they can be a lifeline to the outside world in those small isolated hours 🌙 I specifically asked Anna and Nina to work on it because they are mothers too.

Making this video on phones felt right. It's made to be watched full screen on yours. Enjoy x